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Are you ready to go GREEN? There are many ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Here are some helpful tips to decarbonize your travel experience, or at least reduce or offset your carbon footprint. You can enjoy great travel adventures and still be happy about making an effort for ecology. The more suggestions you follow, the more you are helping to preserve natural beauty for future generations. Remember - every little bit helps, and it's OK to start small. If we all start following just a few green suggestions, pretty soon we can get the ball rolling and the entire travel industry will be heading in the right direction, making it easier and easier for everyone to travel green. We know you care - now here are some things you can do!

1) Ask about recycling everywhere you go. Before you throw your empty soda can in the trash, just ask if there is a nearby recycle bin. They should be in plain sight, but some venues hide them. If lots of people ask for them, pretty soon they will be in plain sight and convenient everywhere.

2) Use public transportation, if possible. Consider taking buses and trains, instead of automatically hopping in your car. With the money you save on parking and gas, you can afford an extra special souvenier! Some large attractions, like Grand Canyon National Park, provide free shuttle services which are much more convenient than dragging your car along with you.

3) Pack it in, pack it out! Try to travel light, and if you have trash, perhaps from a picnic, make sure your trash exits with you - don't leave it for the next traveler to see!

4) If you are staying multiple days at a hotel, hang up your towels to dry instead of using fresh towels for every shower. The reduction in washing machine discharge can truly make a difference fast!

Dec 18 2021


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