Insiders Guide to Orlando

Orlando could be the best vacation destination in Florida. If you ever considered a visit to central Florida, you may have been looking for tourist information about Tampa Bay or Daytona Beach, but the insiders advice is to go half way between them to Orlando. Orlando has the ultimate assortment of tourist attractions such as Universal Studios, Sea World, and Walt Disney World. And it's just a short drive to either coast to find white sand beach stretching for miles - perfect for romantic strolls on the shore, picnics on the beach, and splashes of fun in the warm gentle waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the exciding surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

Orlando has every amenity and every style of lodging, from simple motels to elaborate themed hotels, from studio condos to multi-bedroom rental houses with private pools. And bargains are easy to find in Orlando! There are coupon books and discounts everywhere, but insiders know that you should be careful of anything which seems too good to be true - there are plenty of hard-selling timeshare representatives lurking around. Once you learn to spot them, you can easily enjoy your vacation without getting suckered into an unintended purchase. For a straightforward family vacation, the best insiders advice is to plan before you go, and then stick to the plan.

Orlando has so many exciting things to do - you can easily be overwhelmed with fun all day long every day! Insiders try to alternate between days of non-stop exploration and days of poolside relaxation. On your exploration days, you can't go wrong with the theme parks, although they can be pricey. Before going into the park, stop at a grocery store and grab some snacks like fruit, peanutbutter-n-crackers, and granola bars. This can save a small fortune when you need a quick munchie during the day. On the other hand, insiders have had some of their best dining experiences EVER in the finer Disney restaurants, especially at Epcot and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Rain happens in Orlando, so insiders remember to bring tiny emergency rain ponchos - you can find them cheap at any camping store and most drugstores.

Insiders love the Orlando theme parks, but also make time for the great old-fashioned Florida attractions like Gatorland and various swamp tours.

Whether you're looking for a romantic escape, worry-free family vacation, or warm sunshine all winter long, you can find the best lodging and best fun vacation in Orlando.

Dec 18 2021


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